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For Dan Fitzgibbons, Minnesota Charities Are Very Important

December 20, 2018

Dan Fitzgibbons

Dan Fitzgibbons has proven himself in his current position as Data Protection Business Manager for the Minneapolis office of EMC Corporation, but he also loves his community. Minnesota eventually became home when he went to college at Moorhead State and he eventually moved to Minneapolis, a community he has grown to love.

It’s clear that Dan Fitzgibbons developed his appreciation for the primacy of family and community while he was growing up in Fargo, North Dakota. He was the youngest of five children, but it seems to have been a positive experience as he attended grade school at Holy Spirit School and high school at Shanley High. While there, he participated in a singing group and played football, golf and intramural hockey. These days, Dan Fitzgibbons appreciates his good fortune and he tries to give back any way he can. For example, through his work with Bridging, he helps the homeless, by making sure those who are transitioning out of homelessness have the most basic household items they need to get them set up properly.